Cara & Ken
Ken's Story of Our Shoes

Cara decided early in our wedding planning that we would be barefoot for our wedding ceremony in my sister's backyard. We both felt it would be appropriate for a California wedding and because if Cara wore heels they would sink into the grass.

Then the day of our departure for California arrived. It was 30 minutes before we were planning on leaving for the airport. We had just finished last minute packing. I remember the moment like it was yesterday. Cara looked at me quite seriously and said, "You're going to kill me when I say this."

My mind immediately imagined what she’d say next…. That she wanted to cancel or postpone the wedding. My heart stopped.

Then she said, “I think we should wear shoes.”

I was so relieved! Compared to canceling the wedding, last minute shoe shopping sounded wonderful!

I quickly agreed with her that it was a good idea and that we had plenty of time to get shoes on the way to the airport.

Picking out her shoes literally took about 5 minutes at the first place we stopped. Then we went to Macy’s to look for some Ecco brand shoes I’d seen earlier that would go with my suit. They didn’t have my size, so we sped to Dillard’s and found them there. We finished the mission in 40 minutes and were off to the airport with Dad.