Cara & Ken
The story of Ken and Cara

Cara moved to Fort Worth in August of 2006 to teach French for Fort Worth ISD. She was subleasing a unit in a triplex, so she asked the landlady about her neighbors. The landlady mentioned the one on the end was quiet and that she didn’t see him much. She thought he worked from home.

Well, to help her move in, Cara’s grandmother, or ‘Gran’, came with her. While Cara started bringing in boxes, Gran started cleaning the refrigerator. Gran took the shelves outside to hose them down, which was the easiest solution, even though it was 100 degrees out. Gran found a hose lying across the back yard and followed it to the spigot. She turned it on and used the hot water to rinse one of the trays. Cara came out to see if she could help and when stepping out the back door, she saw a spray nozzle for the hose. Gran said she could use more water pressure, so they shut off the water and hooked it up. Cara went back to the spigot and turned the water on full blast and watched it start filling up the green hose. But the hose continued to fill, well past the normal size. It kept expanding larger and larger, until the green hose turned white. Gran, holding the nozzle, realized what was happening and dropped the hose into the flowerbed. The end started twisting wildly! Cara was mystified thinking how much the hose looked alive, like a snake, and standing over it too close, watched it as it burst, sending a fiery spray of water all over her bare legs! Gran laughed a little, then got concerned, but everything was ok. Except, now they had busted the neighbor’s hose. Thinking what a horrible first impression she had made, Cara left a note on his doorstep, apologizing and offering to pay for the hose, hoping he would be nice about it.

Cara took Gran home and came home the following day to find a handwritten note back from the neighbor on her doorstep.

“Cara- Don’t worry about the hose. I had another one in the shed. Welcome to the neighborhood, if you need anything, call. -Ken”

Following this first paper dialogue, the two shared many backyard conversations, visited local art shows together and had dinner as friends. This easy friendship developed into a loving relationship and the couple is now married as of June 9th, 2007. And it all began with a busted water hose!